Love At First Sight

I want to amass, darling! all clouds in the sky
To imprint in it a First Love forever to reify!

Many a time I contemplate the horizon blue
And ask myself it it is truth or dreamy dew?
This love has happened without expectation;
Is it a dead certainty or a quick evaporation?

I feel like a dry desert luckily receiving rain
To turn a torrid terrain into a fertile domain.
Should I respond in full swing to my heart
Or consider it a lightning flashing like a dart
That bursts out, glorious but brief as a spark,
Then dies out and sink into the infinite dark
For my heart to writhe, in its prison to lout
To invisible railings impossible to get out.

Oh my lover!
Open up the whole immense heavens real
So that I could worship my love, the ideal...


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